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Domain-specific 3D social network


Domain-specific 3D social network developed for the international competition of the annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

For a quick look on the _resource_ you can use to develop instruction and then read the application.

This is domain-specific project of a 3D social network. The project is aimed at empowering the visualization of users personal information in the case of Internet resources and communities. The main objective of the project is the implementation and testing of new visualization concepts of familiar information to improve the visibility, convenience and efficiency of its perception and processing.

2d into 3d

One of the key ideas of the project is to abandon the use of specialized IDE for creation of 3D worlds (eg, Second Life, OpenCroquet, etc.) and open platform for developing social networks (eg, Google FriendConnect) in favor of more affordable technologies. This, on the one hand, imposes restrictions on the complexity and the performance of a specific implementation, but on the other hand creates the potential for developing of new approaches.

In the first phase of the project realization of the basic functionality is planned: creation and vizualization simple 3D-rooms, placing 3D objects and hyperlinks in the rooms, testing schemes based on the visualization of configuration tables. In later stages more sophisticated concepts of visualization are planned. The visualization scheme can be created not only by the author but also the moderator, and even the user. This 3D-model object not simply imitate the existing real-world objects, but be transformed into new objects based on the ideas of metaphorical, conceptual, or a semiotic design.

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