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A detailed description of the development of "domain-specific 3D Social Network"


The project on completion should be a fully functional Internet resource for the exchange of scientific information among students and teachers. A feature of the project will become a 3D-interface, similar to real life.

  • Developing period : 15.03.2009 - 5.06.2009+.
  • Integrated Development Environment: Adobe Flex Builder 3.0, Adobe Flash CS4
  • Sofftware used: 3dsMax, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Three-dimensional model engine: Alternativa3D
  • Version of the project:

Scheduled features to develop in social network:

  • Registeration and users sign-in. Registration includes loggin in database the following information:
    • Information about the academic institution, specialty, schedule, scientific tutor;
    • personal information, interests, contacts;
    • users photograph;
  • Personal page design change posibilities:
    • choose the appearance of their rooms, unique view, that other users might recognize this location;
    • selection from already created 3d-models, or uploading of its own model;
    • the possibility of adding the necessary interior elements;
  • Filling of its location infromation:
    • adding to the Library object of scientific articles, books, art, lectures, laboratory, determination of the appearance of added material;
    • adding to the PictureBox object of albums with photographs and video;
    • personal informationof public access in Diary object;
    • adding to a specific interior objects of users experiences, research projects, work models presentation, portfolio;
  • Features of a search engine:
    • easy sorting and presenting users own material in the Library object;
    • advanced search based on other users information, with the possibility to move to locations of other users and see the available public materials and other available information;
  • Watch available video lectures on the TV object.
  • Communication between the resource users through an MailBox object.

At this moment the resource is in the mode of intensive development and testing. Features that are already implemented:

  • Users authorization;
  • Registration with an opportunity to add the location of its locations on a GoogleMaps;
  • Displaying a few types of 3d-locations;
  • Filling the Library object with relevant materials and the possibility to edit their attributes and their appearance;
  • Displays a PictureBox object like 3D photo gallery with user photos;
  • Display locations of all users of social networks on the GoogleMaps with the possibility of entry into other user location and view of the user information.

The project needs to expand the development team.

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