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Vylomova Ekaterina

Research areas: natural language processing, computational linguistics and data mining.



E-mail -, Vkontakte



  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MSc in Computer Science and Engineering Thesis: Neural modeling of verbal consciousness based on the results of associative experiments, adiver: Philippovich Yuri
  • School of data analysis (MIPT, faculty of Innovations and High Technologies, chair of Data analysis), additional.
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University, BSc in Computer Science and Engineering Thesis: System for Semiographic Chants Recognition, adiver: Philippovich Andrei
  • Advanced training course Neural networks and genetic algorithms, Reserch Institute of Nuclear Physics, MSU.
  • Advanced training course Machine learning and pattern recognition, Parascript labs.


Research activities

In my research I use Linux (Ubuntu), languages python, C, R, RDBMS PostgreSQL, MySQL, awk, sed and other tools

Have work experience in current areas:

  • Web and mass mail spam analysis, creating spam filters and classifiers (Kaspersky,Yandex)
  • Automated testing systems development; Automated testing (SWSoft, Parallels, Diasoft)

In 2011-2012 organized lectures and practical workshops for Development and operation of information systems course

Specializes in semantic and associative networks. Currently E. Vylomova is making research on Russian Associative Dictionary (Thesaurus) as part of the project "Automated system for scientific research of associative experiments". Adviser: Philippovich Yury Nikolaevich.

Also specializes in detection and disambiguation of non-compositionality in texts. Specifically, E. Vylomova works on idioms and metaphors identification. This research is under the Fulbright scholarship.



  1. Vylomova, E, Philippovich, A., Danshina, M. 2014. Neural models for recognition of basic units of semiographic chants. To be published by Springer,Proceedings of international data science conference AIST - Analyses of images, networks and texts,Ekaterinburg, April 10-12 2014
  2. Vylomova, E. 2013. Structural characteristics of Russian associative network. Proceedings of 10th international congress of the international society of applied psycholinguistics,June 26-29 2013
  3. Vylomova, E. 2012. Usage of associative thesauri for solving tasks related to the tip of the tongue phenomenon.Poster paper, 6th Russian Summer School on Information Retrieval, Yaroslavl, August 6-10 2012
  4. Vylomova, E. 2012. On frequency distribution of reactions in Russian Associative Thesaurus. MGUP Bulletin (Russian)
  5. Vylomova, E., Philippovich Yu., 2012. Neural network model of verbal associative network. Conference Language in culture and socium, Peoples Friendship University of Russia,Moscow (Rus- sian)
  6. Vylomova, E., 2012. Analysis of associative thesauri and their application in problems of machine translation. Conference AIST - Analyses of images, networks and texts,Ekaterinburg, March 16-18 (Russian)
  7. Vylomova, E.2011. On associatuve experiments. //Theses from international conference "MediaFest", Moscow State University of Printing Arts
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Public speeches and presentations



  1. Travel award for participating in the ACL 2014 Workshop on Language Technologies and Computational Social Science, ACL14( 2014, Carnegie Mellon Uni and Google
  2. The Fulbright Program( , Visiting Graduate Student , 2014
  3. Finalist of ABBYY translation cup, ABBYY company(, 2012
  4. Young Lecturer Award, Moscow University of Printing Arts, 2012
  5. Scholarship for participation & accommodation in NASSLLI-2012 (North American Summer School of Logic, Language and Information), University of Texas, Austin


Personal interests

Travel, languages, cognitive science, choral singing in Moscow Oratorio

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